This web page is a supplement to a hands on session held for educators at the 2003 Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning conference in Detroit, Michigan.  Using the presentation and these links it is intended that the participant will gain a basic understanding of the concepts needed to implement a successful video editing project in his or her own classroom.  The resources here can be viewed as most useful in setting up an utilizing a non-production level video editing system with which school aged students can directly interact to produce projects that will enhance their content area learning.

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  About the Presenter

Sherry McVay is the Director of Technology for DeWitt Public Schools in located in mid-Michigan.  She has worked in educational technology since 1997.  Sherry holds a Masters in Education and has taught at the elementary level.  She has instructed in several regional and state level projects including Taking the Challenge Technology Literacy Challenge Fund Grant, a five county regional technology academy,  the Leading the Future initiative, the ATA academy, and was a Michigan Technology Implementation Plan (MTIP) scholar.