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Stuff Ya Gotta Try
Interesting things for Teachers on the World Wide Web

Educational LA Stuff for Kids
Reading Practice
StarFall   FREE K-2 interactive books & word games
Roy the Zebra  1st Graders will love this one
BookPALS Storyline Online Listen to members of Screen Actor Guild read books
Printable Books for Kids  A nice little collection for early el
Book Adventure
Free - similar to Accelerated Reader
  Mrs. P Interactive story teller

Play with Words
 Viewing www pages thru this site will allow you to check dictionary & thesaurus info of words
Visual Dictionary Online  From Merriam Webster
Magnetic Poetry Tiles  Move the tiles - or make your own tiles!!
  Fridge Magnet Poetry, Poems, Magnets Idea: sort by nouns, verbs, etc.
Bembo's Zoo   Watch how the letters of the alphabet re-form into animals. How do they do that??
Scribble  Goal: create as many words as you can in 5 minutes using the 10 scribble letters.
Building Language for Literacy  Scholastic - PreK-K interactive
Make a Word  Interactive - Make as many words as you can from the given word
Word Magnets  Use phonics & sight words to create sentences
Zoom Playhouse 40+ complete play scripts  - short and sweet!
  Learning Vocabulary Fun My 5th graders LUV Hang Mouse!
Road Hog Spelling  3 letter words
Word Ahead  HS vocab videos - good for SAT prep
BowWow Trivia Answer dog trivia questions to donate kibble
Lemons for Literacy Answer vocab questions to donatte money to teach people to read

LA Games
ReviseWise English  From the BBC - interactive site with Reading, Writing, Spelling & Grammar & games
Mr. Nussbaum LA Games
GameGoo Interactive
Mortifying Monday  Gr 4-8 Choose your own adventure story From PBS Kids
Character Scrapbook Interactive reader's response

Left-Brained Poetry Prompts and Right-Brained Poetry Prompts
Read Write Think Interactive tools for reading & writing
Make Beliefs Comix Create your own comics!
bookr Create and share your own photobook using Flickr images
Magic Pen Story Starters
Daily Writing Prompt  Upper el +
My StoryMaker  Lower el - cannot save and continue another day
  The House of Scary Words  Make your own story!

Spin and Spell  Choose a picture and spell the word. Grades 1-3
BigIQkids Vocab & Spelling Words Program Grades 1-5
Spelling Wizard   Type in 10 words, then make a word search or word scramble
Spelling City Free register, upload spelling lists, send kids to practice
Spell It Right Spelling worksheets and more
Educational Math Stuff for Kids
Tessellation Town   Click & drag to create your own tessellations
  National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics  Long name. Cool site. Interactive virtual manipulatives based on NCTM standards
NCTM Illuminations   More Interactive Math Tools
Glencoe Virtual Manipulatives More Interactive Math Tools
Encyclogram  Explore harmonograms, spirographs, and lissajous figures
The MegaPenny Project   Visualizing HUGE numbers
CosmicZoom Based on book Powers of Ten -visualizing large numbers
ReviseWise Maths  From the BBC - Numbers, Data Handling, Shape/Space/Measure, Mental Maths & Games
  Count Us In  Number concept games to download or play online. K-2
  Mr. Nussbaum Math Games
(My kids love Math Fries and Decimal Place Value Pirates)
  A Maths Dictionary for Kids  Animated & interactive
Pattern Blocks Interactive
The Same Game  Addicting strategy game
Splat Square  Look for patterns on this 100 square (turn your sound off!)
CrickWeb  A variety of Math games
Overlapping Shapes
Coin Combo  Click on the falling coins to make the money amount.
The Counting Game Count by 1s, 2s, 3s and more
Math Playground  PreK-8
Origami Now Step by step videos for creating fantastic origami art
NumberNut Memory game based on estimation & rounding numbers
Online Sudoku A new game every day!
Star Gazing  Practice angle measurement from PBS
 10 Frame - Practice for counting and addition
Buttons Fun logic game
Mancala Play against the computer
NEW! Hooda Math Games, videos, tutorials aligned with Common Core
NEW! Student Made MATH Movies  Lots of how-to's done by kids :-)

Math Facts Practice
DrillFly Math drills. Anytime. Anywhere.
Go Figure
Math Run 
How fast are your math skills?
Multiflyer    Online multiplication practice
Snakes and Ladders Game Addition skills from BBC
Count Hoot's Number Games  Addition & Subtraction practice
Multiplication Station Timed game
Math Attack Practice multiplication in a gaming environment - free version or buy
Math Drill Assign math practice, then receive graded reports - FREE!
CarrotSticks Click on Classroom Setup': free for kids in-school 
Educational Science Stuff for Kids
Fantastic Contraption A fun physics puzzle game!
TinkerBall Create different ways to get the ball to its goal
How Stuff Works   Hundreds of cool articles
JungleWalk   Tons of audio, video, web sites for jungle lovers
Virtual Fish Tank    Build-Your-Own-Fish online and release them into the Virtual FishTank(TM) exhibit at the Museum Of Science, Boston
Switcheroo Zoo   Switch the animals' heads, legs and tails to make new creatures at this surrealistic virtual zoo
ReviseWise Science  From the BBC - Living things, Materials, Physical Processes, Games
Playing with Time  Slow time down in several examples and watch what happens!
Devices of Wonder Interactive site. Cool stuff from the last 4 centuries!
Biology in Motion Grades 7-12 A collection of learning activities,  animations, and cartoons
exZooberance Animal pictures and facts
  Edheads Interactive science activities. Click on Choose an Activity.
Peep Research  Answers to all your 'Peep' questions! Use this site to intro Scientific Method ;-)
Zoobooks  Click on Kids for interesting info on animals
Extreme Science  Find the biggest, baddest, best in the world
Build a Solar System  Make a scale model  5th/6th
  Foss Human Body  Human skeleton assembly kit
Planets, Moons, and Their Dark Sides
  BBC School Science Clips Interactive Flash Science activities
Life Cycles of plants, frogs, humans
Learn to Be Healthy  1-6 FREE activities
The Amazing Food Detective (gr 4-6) Interactive games, lessons, activities - a complete unit
Knowledge Bears
Info about animals, dinosaurs, geography, space, weather, and more. Good place to start research.

Science Clips from the BBC Choose an age level at the left Gr K-7
Planet Science  Interactive activities, resources, lessons
WeatherMaker  Interactive - how weather is made - from Scholastic
Energy Flows  Interactive -put objects in sequence to let energy flow 3-6
Ology  Interactive museum: archeology, astronomy, water, etc.
Science Splat  From the BBC - online science quiz
Wild Weather Adventure  Online weather game from NASA for up to 4 students
Classify This  Put the bugs in the right classification
Build a Bridge Learn about suspension bridges from PBS
Science Labs Science interactives, lessons, & quizzes for 6th grade units

Educational Social St Stuff for Kids
Fact Monster   Atlas, encyclopedia, current events, daily facts and more
Ref Desk  A collection of references: encyclopedias, newspapers, language translators and more
Net Detectives  Interactive role playing
Kids NewsRoom   This week's news written just for kids.
dMarie Time Capsule   Plug in a date & find out what music, books, famous people were 'happening'
  Place the State   How well do you know your states??
Growth of a Nation   Free 10 minute movie of the geographic history of the US.
BuzzTracker   Shows relationship between news stories. Great for current events!
City Creator  For the younger kids
Don't Gross Out the World  Cute - International Dining Etiquette Quiz
Mr. Nussbaum Social Studies  Games, maps, history
Interactive Lewis + Clark
History Mystery From Scholastic Gr 4-9
Lemonade Stand Great way to apply economics
Bayeux Tapestry Activities 
World History: Complete the tapestry, build a Norman ship, etc
Puzzled States  US puzzle from Scholastic
The Road to Revolution - 1763 from PBS
Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration - music video remake. Who are these players?
SavingsQuest - Savings & budget game for kids

Geocaching (that's gee-oh-cash-ing)
Geocaching   Got a GPS unit? This site will help YOU be the search engine!!
PodCacher   A weekly podcast all about geocaching.
Michigan Geocaching Organization (MiGO)   Discussion forum about geocaching in Michigan
EdCaching  (Educational Geocaching)  Check out the Links and Brainstorms links for ways to use geocaching in your classroom

Way Cool Maps
World   Plug in a date & find out what music, books, famous people were 'happening'
Google Earth   PC + MAC Free download of satellite images + local facts. Check out the minimum configurations before downloading
Google Earth in the Classroom  Tips for using with kids
Earth Contest   Free - Great way for students to USE Google Earth!
Google Earth Touring  Directions for creating your own Google Earth tour.
Google Moon    NOT a download - NASA images + Google maps = pay a visit to the Moon!
Google Mars   NOT a download - NASA images + Google maps = pay a visit to Mars!
NASA World Wind  PC only  Free download lets you zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth. Takes a LOT of memory - check out  system requirements
Map Machine  from National Geographic
InfoNation  Compare countries
NationMaster and StateMaster Compare statistics for countries and states
Maps   Outlines of states, countries, & continents
How Far Is It?   Plug in 2 destinations and this site will figure the mileage & give you lat/long.
Maps   Outlines of states, countries, & continents
Gmaps Pedometer Track your walks
TerraClues  Interactive Scavenger Hunts using Google Maps
Map Maker
Make your own map from National Atlas
Earth Album  Google Earth + flickr = photos around the world
Google Earth file: Extent of sea ice  downloads directly to Google Earth
Global Temperature Trends for Google Earth Download this set of .kmz files to get data on temperature trends
Educational Fine Arts Stuff for Kids
Bomomo  Art play
Pointilism Practice Page
   Interactive canvas - paint like Seurat or VanGogh!
Kaleidoscope Painter  Click and move your mouse for stellar creations
Incredible Art Lessons  For teachers - Art lesson plans by grade levels (Early Childhood to HS) with categories like Art History/games & ideas for subs & student teachers
The Artists Toolkit  From The Minneapolis Institute of Arts   Explore the tools that artists use - like line, color, & balance - to build words of art.
Destination Modern Art  Interactive exploration for elementary students from the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.
Color in Motion Animated & interactive - wear your earphones!
ZeFrank  Flowers  Fun play area
TuxPaint  Free download pc/Mac
ArtPad  Cool online drawing
Mr. PicassoHead  Use Picasso strategies with Mr. Potato Head techniques
Artsonia   Students can have their own art gallery online. Tip: take dig pix of art works instead of scanning!

PlayMusic  Fun, educational site - instruments, musicians, & more
Dallas Symphony Orchestra  Music fun games

A Little of Everything Stuff for Kids
Homework Spot   K-12 articles, themes, field trips, references and more
Paper Toys  Just print, cut, fold and glue!
Think Tanks   Students (grades 3-8) develop a Research Organizer (a list of topics and subtopics) for reports and projects
SodaPlay  Build your own or just sit back and wonder how they do that
Professor Garfield  Click on Knowledge Box & choose a grade level & curriculum area  K-6
Thinking Machine 4  Interactive Chess game
Little Animals Activity Center 
K-2 read-along stories, math practice, music games from the BBC
Kids Know It Network  Games, activities, all FREE
Free Kibble Answer trivia questions to donatte kibble to animal shelters
Free Kibble Kat Answer trivia questions to donatte kibble to animal shelters

Kid Friendly Directories
Enchanted Learning

Kid Friendly Search Engines  
Boolify Teach kids how to use key words to search - also a great search engine
Ask for Kids  (formerly Ask Jeeves for Kids)   
Oolone  Visual search engine

Kid Friendly Browsers
ZAC Browser Developed for autistic & special needs kids

Communication Stuff
Teachers.Net Chatboards   Great teacher resource for all grades, curricula, & interests

CreateSurvey  Create your own surveys
   Create your own surveys
 For fun - FREE download program to spice up your email with backgrounds, sounds, animations, etc.
Calendar.Net   Create your classroom online calendar

Assign-A-Day   Create your own online calendar
   Add a free calendar to your website
LetterPop  Free online newsletter with background templates, click & drag images, copy & paste text. Register (FREE) to save and upload own images.

Keyboarding for Kids
Dance Mat Typing   Free online keyboarding program - great fun!
Learn2Type for schools  Register your class.
Radio Typing   Type to the beat of the music
eLearning Keyboarding Skills  Learn to communicate with an alien!
Nimble Fingers  Free online projgram + resources for teaching keyboarding in the classroom
Free Typing Lessons  Lessons, games, tests, good stuff

Keyboarding Practice for Kids 
Online Bubbles Game   Type the letters as they float upward.
FunSchool's Type Me 
Alphabetic Rain
Word Trees
Fowl Words Play the Timed Game for free
Fowl Words 2
ABCya! Keyboard Challenge  put keyboard keys in their correct place
Keyboard Tutor start hunting letters, then words, and finally sentences!
Treasure Dive similar to Typer Shark
Super Hyper Spider Typer  Save the spider by typing words
Cup Stacking  Stack & unstack the cups by typing the letters on them  Open  source practice - shows speed & accuracy
FingerJig 6 minute practice site gives all sorts of data
Typing Invaders - free typing game download
10 Finger Breakout
- free typing game download
Online Typing Games - register username to keep track of scores

Free Keyboarding Downloads 
KeyBlaze Typing Tutor
TypeFaster Typing Tutor

Fun Sites to Help Keyboarding
Fearless Frieda
  Type the words you hear
Fearless Frieda 2 The Big Kahuna  More typing of the words you hear
Phonics and Word Study Center   Great 'keyboarding games': Fish Tanks 1 & 2, Space Station, Field Trip, Sly Pig
Instant Poetry Forms
Word Wonders
Wacky Web Tales 
Mr. Nussbaum's Paralaughs

'Mousing' Practice Sites
Learn to Mouse 
More mousing practice
Save the Egg  More mousing practice - save the Penguin egg from Nat. Geographic

Teaching Stuff
Language Arts
School Sparks Free Kindergarten Reading Worksheets
Reading A-Z  FREE Downloadable Books • Lesson Plans • Worksheets • Flashcards
Printable Books For emergent readers
Make your own minibooks Features minibooks for each letter of the alphabet.
Good Readers  1st Graders SHOW kids how to be Good Readers. A lovely video using REAL kids!
Intervention A for K-1 Reading intervention program for small groups of 1-6 K or 1st students
Free Reading strategies for the young group
Into the Book  Excellent reading strategies for K-3
Compact for Reading  K-3 agreement for families + school to help teach reading Great resource! Free download
Novel Study Guides Grades 3-8
How to create a Talking Book  Video with step by step directions for using PPT

Writing Prompts   Enough for everyday this year and next!
Creative Writing Prompts   More daily ideas
Young Writers Workshop Story starters and publishing kids' writing
Writing Rubric  Very kid-friendly!
Picture Prompt Story Starters for Early El 

Spell-A-Rama   Download, print, laminate this set of cards and let 'em learn while they're playing!
Great things to DO with your word wall:
Word Wall Activity List
More activities 
    Even more activities 
    Another list

Noodle Tools: Bib & Quest   Bibliography Composer & Search strategies
NoteStar   Take notes from online sources. Source information for citations is automatically captured

School Sparks  Free Kindergarten Math Worksheets
To Excel in the Classroom
K-6 Excel projects
Math Quiz Generator
Create your own worksheets
  The Maths Teacher's Toolkit  Demo math tools e.g. Place value calculator, Screen Calculator, 12 hour clock, Sequences, and more.
MathWire Creative themes to teach Math based on NCTM standards
Printable Graph Paper
Virtual Dice  Click to 'throw' or create your own virtual 6, 8, 10, or 12-sided dice
TenMarks Free personalized math instruction - register free & set up your students

Science/Social Studies
Live Science  Movies, headlines, cool stuff. PREVIEW before sending kids here!
Visual Ranking  Rank and put lists in order - free teacher tool
Seeing Reason  Cause & effect - free teacher tool
Showing Evidence  Analyzing & evaluating info - free teacher tool
eThemes   Internet resources for Gr 1-12
GSN Projects Registry   Find great online projects here, or create your own!
Time for Kids/Teachers  Gr K-6
MythBusters: Results  5 Seasons worth of results
HSI: Historical Scene Investigation Upper El + MS - based on Crime Scene Investigations, uses primary & secondary docs to re-evaluate history
4 2 Explore  Definitions, activities, the 4 good starting points, and many more links and resources for the thematic topic for over 200 themes.

Online Timelines
Dipity Very cool timeline View a variety of historical timelines

Personal Educational Press Free Create your own flashcards, game boards, quizzes via word lists
EclipseCrossword FREE download - create your own crossword puzzles with your words & clues
 More Teaching Stuff
Primary Interactive Whiteboard Resources  LOTS of ideas and resources for getting the most out of your interactive whiteboard
SmartBoard web site resources
More SmartBoard web site resources

Graphic Organizers  Lots of different kinds of organizers. Just click, print and use in your classroom as hard copies!  FREE online brainstorming mind map
Study Stack  FREE online flashcards - use theirs or create your own
Flashcard Exchange Create, study, print, download & share flashcards. FREE registration 

Teacher Tools
   Directions for creating a monopoly-like game to encourage homework
K12 Online Conference Stay tuned for next year's conference
Teacher's Domain Public tv content for K-12 teachers  
The Classroom Flyer  $$$ A daily email newsletter that contains teaching resources and tools. Sign up for a level specific newsletter to come to your email box weekly, or view today's newsletter, or explore the archives.
Teach-nology    Lesson Plans, worksheets, teacher resources, rubrics & Motivators
Rubistar    Make your own Rubrics!
TWICE   VideoConference field trip database
Read Around the Planet - Michigan clearinghouse for matching classrooms
Michigan Educator's Resources  Michigan curriculum standards, benchmarks, aligned with resources plus lots more Michigan info

Using PowerPoint
Parade of Games in PowerPoint

Pete's PowerPoint Station  Free ppts , templates, clipart and more
PowerPoint Palooza  Free ppt slideshows to use in your classes 9-12
Free PowerPoint templates (complete with sound!)
Just download & add your own questions & answers

QR Codes
QR Codes in the Classroom
Intro to QR codes
QR Codes At a Glance
Tag My Doc
QR Treasure Hunt Generator

QR Stuff code generator
Snap Maze  code generator
QR Code Scanner for Desktop & Laptop

Make your Life Easier Stuff
NotesHolder Litepc freeware 
Desktop note holder that is unobtrusive
MS Office Template Gallery   Why re-create the wheel???
You Can Handle Them All
  Suggestions for handling over 100 different misbehaviors
Teacher's Pet  Free MS Word download to help you create flashcards, word-jumbles, multiple-choice questions, vowel remover, and more. Great for LA classes!
Bookmarklets  Cute little FREE java script you can drag to your browser toolbar. Click on one and you can place a bookmark in the middle of a web page, find out when the page was last updated, etc.
Mail2web  Pick up your email from ANYWHERE!
Online Stopwatch Counts up and down. Free download.
NEW!  Online Countdown Timers  From seconds to hours
Random Number Generator
  Click Refresh and get a new number from 1-30
Create Your Own WordSearch   

DropBox Access your files from anywhere. Make files public to share or private.
4Shared 10 gb of online storage for free! Share large files online

Pixel2Life Collection of software tutorials (e.g. Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash, Gimp, MS Word, etc)
Easy Test Maker    FREE online test generator to help you create your tests.
Classroom Architect   Plan out your classroom floor plan without hauling desks around
Mailinator Free temporary email address for  when you need an email address to register for a site

The Free Mac Classroom  Free software for Mac computers
Kathy Schrock's Directions for determining Readability
Internet Safety
Disney Surfswell Island K-6 Covers privacy, viruses, and netiquette
Internet safety thru songs, characters & interactive games
Safety Land
Answer Internet safety questions to help a super hero catch a bad Internet character
Privacy Playground  Gr 3-5 Cyberpigs help teach how to spot online marketing strategies, protect personal info, and avoid online predators
ConnectSafely  Especially for kids who are involved in social networking
CyberSmart A complete K-8 Online Safety curriculum
NEW!  Guide for Children and Kid Safety on the Web  A collection of online safety resources suggested by Rachel

Online Bookmarking sites
Only2Clicks   links appear as webpage thumbnails. Easy to use!
iKeepBookmarks   Simple Web-Based Bookmark Manager
delicious  Social bookmarking
diigo Another social bookmarking site - can highlight and make comments on pages

Make a classroom website
Web Worksheet Wizard  Simple way to get info online - post an image, text, links for 1 year
Moodle   Create an online classroom  FREE!
Blogger Create a classroom blog or web page FREE! 
  ProtoPage Free personal start page
  Pageflakes Free personal start page
  Google Pages Easy free web page
Webster's Classroom  Free classroom web site
Weebly  Click & drag - easy!!!!
Yola  Click & drag - easy!!!
LiveBinders   Digital 3 ring binder that can hold web pages, docs, videos

Anti-Frustration with Technology Stuff
Wayback Machine    Displays the Web as it looked on a given date. Locate old web pages here
Ad Aware   Detect and remove spy ware - FREE!
Spybot Search and Destroy
   Stop transmitting information about your surfing behaviour to the 'Net  
Old Version  NOT the newest software - original versions of old standbys

TILT Teachers Improving Learning with Technology: Free how to videos
Zamzar  Free online file conversion
Zamzar Button Add this link to your toolbar for a shortcut to online conversions (save a YouTube video to view at school!)
How to clear your browser cache  Directions for any browser
Oo La La Stuff
Making Friends Paper Dolls   Print, color, cut. Glue on student's digital picture for even more fun - then use as a story starter!
Papercraft  Free downloads to print, cut & fold. Make animals, buildings, toys, origami, scenes from around the world.
Undercover    Free PowerPoint template similar to Concentration, in which the students test their ability to identify an event, person, place, or any image as it is uncovered.
TuxPaint   Free drawing program for kids  with drawing and text tools, rubber stamps, and more.
OFSET: Organization for Free Software in Education and
The Hat   Handy little utility that offers a fun & easy way to automatically determine a random order from a list of any amount of names
Picture Stuff
Easy Thumbnails pc only
FREE software for creating thumbnail pictures.   Free online jigsaw puzzles. Become a member (FREE) and  use your own photos
EarthCam for Kids   Cameras let you view activities around the world
   Create virtual works of art. Based on the art of Piet   Mondrian.
Web Picture Creator   Free software for resizing images, making thumbnails, copying images and creating Internet photo albums.
Irfanview   FREEware for Windows - photo editing, thumbnails, slideshow, effects & more 
Picasa FREE find, edit, share pictures on your computer
Picasa in the Classroom suggestions for using Picasa with kids
The Futures Channel Math/Science movies connecting learning to the real world
Cute PDF Create and edit PDF files for free
Flickr  Photo sharing - don't send students here unchaperoned!
Spell with Flickr  Safe place to send kids who are looking for alphabet images
GIMP  Free image editing similar to Photoshop pc/Mac
flauntR Free online photo editor. Add a border, and more
ClipArt Etc. Free clipart for teachers & students
Bookr Online photobook
Blabberize Upload an image, trace the mouth and record - what fun! BEWARE - some 'blabbers' may not be appropriate for students!
PicResize  Free photo editing - blur, sharpen, resize, add text, crop, etc.
BigHugeLabs (flickr Toys) - fun things to do with your pictures
Video Stuff  
ScreenCast-o-Matic Create your own screencast videos quickly & easily with optional web cam pip
Mr. Needleman's Video in the Classroom  Way cool samples
Bombay TV Create your own video with 70's East India movie clips
Animoto Upload your images and Animoto creates a cool music video FREE PREMIUM SERVICES TO EDUCATORS
Teacher Tube
My Learning Tube
School Tube

Great Blogs
Blogging is Elementary
How to get started
Free Technology for Teachers 
Features educational web sites + applications for your classroom
iLearn Technology  More ed'l web resources + uses

Make your own Blog
Kidblog Safe & simple blog creator for your students
for teachers & students
Blogger  Easy to use template
Blogger in the Classroom  How to use a blog

Make your own Podcast 
Podomatic free and simple
VoiceThread Add converstation to your images
What is Podcasting  Everything you ever wanted to know about making your own podcast
Learning in Hand: Podcasting from Tony Vincent. Check out the Create Podcasts page
Audacity Free download for pc - audio editing software
Kid-Cast Podcasts for an by kids - a safe place to post your 'casts.
vozMe Type in text & voxMe converts to mp3
Copyright Stuff
Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers   Great chart that puts classroom copyright issues into perspective
Copyright for Kids    Easy to navigate
Movie Licensing USA    Keep it legal!
Copyright and You  Very nicely put-together tutorial
A Fair(y) Use Tale  Humorous movie that reviews copyright terms

Free Music Resources
ujam Make your own music
Creative Commons Search Click on Jamendo for music you can share, use, and remix
FreePlayMusic  Free downloads can only be used in classroom - not re-published on Internet

Just for listening:
Pandora  Free streaming music - select your artist or album and do some chair dancing!
NEW!  Accuradio Free streaming music - does have a short 'radio-ad' every few songs
SoundSnap  Looking for a sound snippet? You'll find it here!

Make your own Wiki
Wikispaces  Free templates
PBWorks "Easy as making a peanutbutter sandwich"
Twiki Issues  Suggestions to avoid tricky situations
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