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Elementary Classroom

                Teacher Resources 

Why Pick Kid Pix?
More Ideas
from Castleton, Vermont
from Linking Teaching to Technology
fromComsewogue Teachers
from Kings Park Elementary
from CRS Tech Lab
from Magill Primary School
NEW! from  Comsewogue School District
NEW! from Integrating Kid Pix into the Curriculum
NEW! from Technology in the Early Elementary Classroom
51 Management Tips
101 Kid Pix Activities
NEW!  Some Kid Pix Links that May Be Useful
NEW! Kid Pix Tutorials
Intro to Kid Pix 4
Kid Pix 4 + Math
Kid Pix 4 + Reading
Kid Pix 4 + Writing
Kid Pix 4 + Social Studies
Kid Pix 4 + Science
                Sample Grade Level Activities 
Language Arts
K-2 Phonemic Awareness Activities
K Fairy Tale Story Map
1st I Know It's Autumn Because...
4th Shape Poem
5th Idioms/Figures of Speech
6th Crowded Elevator Writing
K Match the Color and Count
K-1 100th Day
1st Money
1st Pictographs
2nd Illustrating Multiplication
3rd Multiplication Arrays
Social Studies
K Where We Live
1st "I Have a Dream"
2nd Illustrating Landforms
3rd All About Me Crests
3rd Egypt maps
4th Maps
5th Egypt maps
6th Navajo Rugs
K Zoo Field Trip
K Parts of a Plant
1st Clouds
1st Food Pyramid
2nd Cricket Diagrams
2nd Animal ABC
3rd Butterfly Stages
6th Oobleck Vehicle Inventions
K Hand Turkeys
1st An October Poem
3rd Drawing Like an Egyptian

Organizing your ideas
Venn Diagram, sorting, grids and more
Thought Web
Venn Diagrams
Concept Venn