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Kitchen Band Day Outline / 
John Philip Sousa
Kitchen Band Day
"Five Little Bears"
"The Pony Song"--Jig, Jog!

Kindergarten Show: October 19, 2016--w/VIDEO!!

Grade 1

"Little Cabin In The Wood"
"Clickety-Clack" w/ SOLOS
Dog Day Afternoon--2016-2017
"This Land Is Your Land"
"Five Green & Speckled Frogs" w/ Guiros
"Mexican Hat Dance" w/ Tambourines & Drums
1st Grade Concert:  October 19, 2016--w/VIDEO!!

Grade 2

2nd Grade "Kids Are Kids"Concert--October 19, 2016
Can You Hear? Performances

Grade 3

3--Nutcracker:  "Waltz of the Flowers"  (Ribbon Wands)--VIDEO
3--"Hungarian Dance" --VIDEO!
3-5--"Temples and Tombs" Musical --October 19, 2016
Grade 4
Musical Instrument Inventions
Project Handouts
Museum of Musical Instrument Inventions Web Site
4--Nutcracker:  "Trepak"  Russian Dance w/TENNIS BALLS
3-5--"Temples and Tombs" Musical --October 19, 2016
4 & 5--Musical States Lessons

Grade 5
Wild West Music Outline

Baroque Collage Web Sites

3-5--"Temples and Tombs" Musical --October 19, 2016
4 & 5--Musical States Lessons
5--"Deck The Halls"  VidRhythm 
5--Ukulele Playing

Voigt's Photos of
Fun School Events!

1989 - Present

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