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 Andrew Voigt's Parents and
Brothers & Sisters Family Photo Pages

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Wilhelm Voigt---Andrew Voigt's father !
Born 29 July 1834 in Schachtebich, Kreis Heiligenstadt, Germany
Died 28 December 1880 in St. Augusta Township, Stearns County, Minnesota
Thanks Aunt Merle for this GREAT photo!!!!
Photo from Merle England Voigt  (Vincent V. Voigt's wife)

Theresa Meyer Voigt (Andrew's mother)

3 February 1842 - 19 February 1912
Photo from Romana Voigt Munk

Wilhelem and Theresa's 5 sons.  Andrew, Adolf, HenryJohn, Ignatz, and Ferdinand
Photo taken approx. 1932  
Photo from Romana Voigt Munk

Theresa Meyer Voigt and children  1880  (the year Wilhelm died)
Back left:  Andrew, Adolf           Middle Left:  Margaret, baby Ferdinand, Theresa, Augusta, Anna Marie  
Front Left:  Henry, Ignatz

Wilhelm and Theresa's home in
Schachtebich, Kreis Heiligenstadt, Germany

All 8 if their children were born here, including quadruplets who died as infants.  
Willhelm was a Burgermeister.  
He brought his family to America in August 1879.  The trip across the ocean took 3 weeks.  They boarded a ship at Bremer Harbor and encountered a bad storm along the way making the trip quite rough.    Wilhelm died a year later.
Photo and information from Romana Voigt Munk.  Thanks Moni!  Trip information written in document by Regina Landwehr as told to her by her mother, Anna Marie Voigt Landwehr (Andrew's sister).

Wilhelm and Theresa's Daughters 1928
Margaret, Anna Marie, Augusta

Wilhelm Voigt grave
St. Mary's Help of Christians Cemetery,
St. Augusta Township,
Stearns County, Minnesota
Photo taken March 22, 2003 by Joan Voigt Hopke
(daughter of Walter, grandaughter of Henry and Clara)    Thanks Joan!  

Sankt Magnus Kirche
(St. Martin's Church) in
Schachtebich, Saxony, Germany.
  Andrew Voigt was baptized here.

Pictured in foreground is Father Robert Joseph Voigt (son of Henry John who is Andrew'
s brother).
Photo from Roberta Ann Bosch (daughter of Rose Marie Voigt and Peter Bosch)  

Unknown, Henry John, Adolf, unknown.
Drinking something unknown!
Photo from Romana Voigt Munk. 

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Margaret  --  1863-1929
Anna Marie  --  1865-1942
ANDREW  --  1867-1939
Adolf  --  1869-1945
Augusta  --  1872-1951
Henry John  --  1874-1951
Ignatz Bernard  --   1876-1966
Ferdinand John  --  1878-1948

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