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Andrew Voigt

Crows Heart, a Mandan Medicine Man and friend of Andrew

Crows Heart, 
a Mandan Medicine Man 
called his friend, Andrew Voigt: 
 "Big Hearted Whiteman Can't Say No," and that pretty well described him.  Andrew used his resources to serve others. 


Voigt and Crows Heart traded language talents.  Andrew taught him German and Crows Heart coached Voigt in Indian.  When Anna Voigt met Crows Heart, he said, "Wie gates, gooten morgan."

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Fort Berthold Reservation watchtower. 
Andrew Voigt was intially brought here with bound wrists having been captured by a Mandan Indian.  After misunderstandings were ironed out, Voigt was aided by the Mandan hospitality and he proceeded to buy land from a Mandan named, Fredericks.
For years Voigt would reciprocate their aid by donating steer when game became scarce.  During the drought stricken 30's when dust blizzards whipped across fields, Voigt continued this help.

Andrew Voigt and Anna Berger wed     29 August 1889
Photo from Roberta Ann Bosch (daughter of Rose Marie Voigt and Peter Bosch)

Sacred Heart Catholic Mission Church in Elbowoods, North Dakota, Ft. Berthold Reservation  --Early 1900's  
Married here were George and Martha Voigt, Victor and Magdeline Voigt, Frank Joseph and Emma Voigt, Clara Ann Voigt and Carl Schettler, and Rose Marie Voigt and Peter Bosch

Photo and wedding information from Roberta Ann Bosch (daughter of Rose Marie Voigt and Peter Bosch)

Original Sacred Heart Convent Mission in Elbowoods, North Dakota
Andrew Voigt felt that education and morals were important to the children's future.  Sacred Heart was kept in operation, largely by Voigt's aid.  He was a standby supporter--supplying beef, game, etc. to the convent.
Note:  Another photo of the Sacred Heart Mission is on
William H. Voigt's Photo Page

St. Francis Indian Mission 1887

Wolves and coyotes killed young cattle, horses and sheep.  The Mandan Indians and other ranch neighbors joined the Voigts in wolf hunts.  Sometimes they brought running dogs. 
Note:  More wolf hunting photos are shown on William H. Voigt's Photo Page, including the last wolf shot in North Dakota at that time.



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Flooding of Andrew Voigt Ranch / Garrison Dam

Andrew Voigt Parents and Siblings

Andrew Voigt  Homes

Family Reunion 1988--North Dakota

Descendants List--Great way to see everyone's name!

Voigt Faces Young and Old--FUN PAGE

Family Reunion 2004--North Dakota     NEW!!

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William Henry  --  1890-1975
George Adolf  --  1891-1944
Edward D  --  1893-1976
Anna Thersia  --  1895  Anna died when she was 10 days old
Henry Joseph  --  1896-1967
Victor Ignatz  --  1898-1964
John Ferdinand  --  1900-1983
Frank Joseph  --  1902-1959
Clara Ann  --  1904-1993

Rose Marie  --  1910-1986

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