5th Grade Music

Western Songs / Ukelele Playing / Wanted Posters
Music Director -- Unit Designer:  Mrs. Kimberly Voigt

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5th Grade Music students begin their "Wild West Unit" by learning the songs, My Home's In Montana and There's AYellow Rose In Texas.
After learning the songs, students learn the 
basics of ukelele parts and care, handling, 
and chord recognition and fingering.

While some students practice their ukeleles, other students are creating their Wanted Posters based on characters of their choosing.  Each character must reflect an occupation and a crime authentic to the 1800's
in the western United States. 

Towns mentioned must also reflect what existed in the U.S. at that time. 

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2 Western Song Selections--My Home's In Montana--Yellow Rose In Texas
Ukelele Chord Charts--Fingering Chart--Ukelele Parts
Wanted Poster Project--Outline, Instructions, Occupations and Crimes, Examples
Andrew Voigt--Mrs. Voigt's Great Grandfather-in-law inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame.  Magazine articles, photos, etc.
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Wild West Music--word search