All students in 4th Grade Music Class are required to create a Musical Instrument
Invention.  They will not be graded on how elaborate their instruments are...but on the effort they make to create an instrument that is original and shows that some attempt was made to achieve a quality sound.



Throughout the year, students will receive handouts, checklists, and reminders pertaining 
to their Musical Instrument Invention project.  Click on the "Handout" names below to 
see each handout that the students will be receiving in class.

Handout #1
Complete description of the Musical Instrument Invention project.  Due Dates.  Museum of Musical Inventions web site.
Handout #2
List of nearly 100 possible instrument patterns.  Students choose 3 possible and return sheets to receive full patterns.  Due date and web sites.
Handout #3
Checklist for ALL due dates
Basic requirements list.
Handout #4
Reminder to return Handout #2 with three possible instruments checked off.
Handout #5
Parental and / or helper restrictions.  Museum of Musical Inventions web site.
Handout #6
Written and Oral Reports Requirements.  3 questions students must answer IN DETAIL.  Example report.  PARAGRAPH FORM.  Complete descriptions of PITCH and DYNAMICS as it pertains to a variety of instruments!!!
Handout #7
"Describing a Sound:  Timbre" 
A variety of words they may use in their written and oral reports when describing the "timbre" of their instrument.  Also a fun Word Search with those fun "Timbre" words.
Handout #8
Reminder a few weeks prior to their instrument due date.  "Unique name" reminder.  Handout #6 passed out again for Written and Oral Report Requirements.
Handout #9
Reminder a couple weeks prior to instrument and reports due date.
Handout #10
FINAL Reminder one week prior to instrument and reports due date.
Grading Sheets
Complete point breakdown of the grading of the Oral Presentation, Written Report, and Musical Instrument Invention.