Advanced Accounting

Part 1: Departmentalized Accounting

Intro Introduction to Course

Chapter 1

Recording Departmental Purchases and Cash Payments

Chapter 2

Recording Departmental Sales and Cash Receipts

Chapter 3

Calculating and Recording Departmental Payroll Data

Chapter 4

Financial Reporting for a Departmentalized Business


Reinforcement Activity 1

Part 2: Accounting Adjustments and Valuation

Chapter 5

A Voucher System

Chapter 6

Inventory Planning and Evaluation

Chapter 7

Accounting for Uncollectible Accounts

Part 3: General Accounting Adjustments

Chapter 8

Accounting for Plant Assets

Chapter 9

Accounting for Notes Payable, Prepaid Expenses, and Accrued Expenses

Chapter 10

Accounting for Notes Receivable, Unearned Revenue, and Accrued Revenue

Part 4: Corporation Accounting

Chapter 11

Organizing a Corporation and Paying Dividends

Chapter 12

Acquiring Additional Capital for a Corporation

Chapter 13

Financial Analysis and Reporting for a Corporation


Reinforcement Activity 2

Part 5: Management Accounting

Chapter 14

Budgetary Planning and Control

Chapter 15

Management Decisions Using Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

Chapter 16

Management Decisions Using Present-Value Analysis

Chapter 17

Financial Statement Analysis

Chapter 18

Statement of Cash Flows

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