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I'm sure everyone has heard the saying that most judgments are made within the first 10 seconds of meeting you.  So you want to look your best to make the best first impression.  It is appropriate for you to dress professionally at any kind of career event, such as employer presentations, job fairs, and interviews unless stated otherwise.

Below is a guideline of professional attire suggestions that will give you a clear idea of how to present yourself properly.


  • Suit or conservatively tailored dress.
  • Matching dress shoes with nylons.
  • Minimal earrings.  
  • Stay conservative on make-up.
  • Remember, less is more!
  • Try to stay with the same fabric or color.  


  • Suit.

  • Dress slacks.

  • Sport coat.

  • Dark dress socks and dress shoes.  

  • Include black, or navy blue blazer, khaki's or dark wool pants.  

  • In the office environment, it is acceptable with or without the blazer.

Just because it's casual dress day doesn't mean that you can go into your closet, pull out an old, wrinkled pair of jeans, and wear them to work.