Smart Exchange Website - Great place to go for lessons by grade level/subject
Scholastic - Great activities to use with a SmartBoard
Teachers Love SmartBoards - Notebook Lessons,
Resources - An endless amount of resources.
Virtual Manipulatives - Great lessons.
Just Kids Games - Great kids games K-6
SmartBoard Resources - Some great lessons/templates
Smarter/SmartBoard - Many different kinds of resources including a "talking calculator"
The Teacher's Guide - Websites, Software, Templates
Technology Integration - MANY Resources
Thinking Blocks  - Great math site for upper elementary
Virtual Manipulatives - Great site for grades K-8!!!

Images & Clipart
Free Clipart by Phillip Martin - Great free clipart to use for educators!
Morgue File - Free images to use in Notebook lessons.
Animation Library - Free animated .gifs to use in Notebook lessons.
Google Images

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