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WS-FTP Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through the steps to upload (and download) your files/website.

**Dial in Users** - If you are a dial in user, you will need to ignore the steps that invlove the "Advanced" and "Firewall" tabs.


Start out by Double Clicking the WS_FTP.exe Icon

This opens the Program and the Session Properties Dialog Box appears

First you want to create a new Profile (First time users)

* Click New

* Under "Profile Name" type a name to describe your account (i.e. "Royce")

* Under "Host Name/Address type the host name (i.e. "www.edzone.net")

* Under "Host Type" select the drop down arrow, and choose "Automatic Detect"

* Under "User ID" type your username (i.e. rhumm)

* Under "Password" tyoe your account password

If you would like to set further prefrences, navigate through the tabs, General, Startup, Advanced, and Firwall

The Startup tab includes what you want to appear as the default folder on your computer and other advanced options

The advanced tab allowes you to change ports, number of connection retries, etc. For the most part, just leave these settings alone.

If you are at a school, you will need to enable the Firewall. In order to do this...

Select "use Firewall"

Under "Host Name" type "proxy.<district>.edzone.net", <district> being the school that you are in.

Under "Port" type "30"

Select "User with no logon"

When you have completed all of these settings, they should be saved for the next time you login. So the next time you want to login, all you should have to do is enter your password.

Once you have navigated (on the Local System) to your web folder...

* make sure that "auto" is selected

* select all the files in your web folder

* click the --> arrow to upload your files (in order to download the files you would select the files on the Remote System and then click the <-- arrow)

Then all of your files have been uploaded! Horray!!!

Then you can click "Exit"


Extra knowledge

To make a new folder (on both the Local System and the Remote System)

Click the mkdir button to the right side of the System that you want to make a new folder in

Then enter a name and click OK


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