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About EdZone

EdZone is a service provided by Mid Michigan's Network and is devoted to bringing reliable and affordable Internet access to all areas within the central Michigan area. Find answers to your questions below.



What is EdZone?

EdZone is a full featured Internet access provider. Its home page has special features designed specifically for educators and students in the K-12 environment. EdZone is a service provided by Mid Michigan's Network--a consortium of school districts that is responsible for funding, constructing, and maintaining a two hundred mile fiber optic network that facilitates communication using voice, video, and data.

A Bit of History

E-mail service in local schools originated in 1992 as the FrEdMail system. FrEdMail stood for "Free Educational Mail" and operated on a loose network of Apple IIe computers. In 1995, when the Ameritech Rebate Case was settled, grant money became available to provide free dial-in access to the Internet for local school districts. The project was named REMCentral. REMCentral was highly successful, and issued over 8,000 dial-in accounts in three years. When the grant money was exhausted in 1998, the local school districts began planning for a self-funding Internet service that would be affordable from within the school building, and for those wanting home access. EdZone is that solution.

What Can You Do with EdZone?

Send and receive e-mail to anyone on the Internet
Post your own web pages to 5 MB of server space
Download free and trial software
Access worldwide web sites
Read electronic books
Security filtering
Purchase groceries and participate in auctions
Travel on virtual field trips
And much more....

What Do You Get?

When you sign up for EdZone you will receive an EdZone Internet Installation Kit that contains a CD-ROM for easy installation, a username and password, and many ways of contacting FREE technical support. The CD-ROM is simple to install and contains all of the tools necessary for the best possible Internet experience. An easy-to-use, menu-based format allows users to install a custom Netscape Communicator package, which is used for browsing the Internet, managing e-mail, and composing personal web pages. The dial-up constructor easily and automatically configures your computer for the nearest local Internet connection. Documentation regarding EdZone policies, terms and conditions, and troubleshooting tips are also contained on the CD-ROM as well as technical support information in the event you are unable to connect. Also, a personal installation manual is included to provide simple instructions on using the CD-ROM. What else do you get?

Is It Safe?

EdZone offers an optional content filtering service for its dial-up users to help families avoid inappropriate sites on the World Wide Web. Specifically, it is the same service that supplies protection for regional school districts and media centers. All web sites can be screened through this filtering mechanism (called a proxy server), and any controversial material can be blocked immediately. Parents do have control of whether the proxy filter is engaged. Turning it off allows full and unlimited access. As always, children should always be monitored while they are on the Internet.

How Do I Sign Up?

Fill out an application and return it to the address given at the bottom of the form. To acquire an application, please call toll free at 1-877-923-9638 and we will send one to you via mail or visit our web site at www.edzone.net/subscribe. You can pay using your Mastercard, Visa, or Discover card. We also accept checks and money orders. As an alternate option, feel free to stop in to our offices located at the Gratiot-Isabella Regional Education Service District located on Center Street in Ithaca about one-quarter mile from US-27.

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EdZone is a service of MMNet - Mid Michigan's Network